Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Favorite Male Character and Major City

Day 7: Favorite Male Character
     It should be Seish. He's my main, and I really do have a hard time picking favorites between he and Tai... but RP and back story reasons edge Tai just a little ahead. So I give you Tai, who is actually Taifeng, though he was born Tandolar Firehawk. He's a level 90 Mistweaver monk, but there's a lot much more to him than that. I thought about writing another snippet of his story for this and on some occasion I likely will but instead I've decided to make a list of ten random facts about Taifeng:

1. He considers himself a member of the Horde more than he considers himself a blood elf.
2. He thinks orc women are the sexiest in all of Azeroth and was married to one once.
3. He has a twin sister named Thylania(who does not exist in game because the female belf models aren't right for her).
4. He's terrified of being on ships.
5. He has purchased dual spec but does not actually have a secondary spec and probably never will because I can't picture him doing anything else.
6. He mostly refuses to do random anything without his favorite tank. (I've given up and been slowly leveling a second mistweaver to do stuff solo on)
7. He's my second character with maxed archaeology and my only Master of the Ways.
8. He's collected almost all of the leather eye patches in game.
9. He's had almost as many mog looks as Seish this expansion.
10. I'm not as good at playing him as I am at playing paladins, but I enjoy it at least as much.

For lore characters, I can't really pick a favorite male character either, but I love Tirion Fordring, Lorewalker Cho, Sunwalker Dezco, and Varok Saurfang. I was actually really fond of Nazgrim too. :(

Day 8: Major City
     Silvermoon. It's gorgeous enough that I park alts there fairly often just because I enjoy it. I daydream about there being flying someday so I can fly around and explore all those balconies and things but I doubt that will ever happen, luckily it's just as lovely from the ground, and maybe I enjoy imagining it more than I would actually exploring it, who knows.
     Silvermoon should have a barber shop though. It's never made sense to me that Undercity does and it doesn't. Really should be the other way around.
     Darnassus runs a very close second for me, I love the music and the way it looks: the stone buildings all vine covered and old and the trees worked into structures. And I even think I like the name of Darnassus best of all the city names. I couldn't say for sure why, I just do. It's another place that my alts spend a lot of time.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Favorite Female Character

Day 6: Favorite Female Character

     I'm not sure if this means of my own, or a lore character, but since my own means the opportunity for mini-fiction and there isn't a female lore character jumping out at me at the moment I'll answer for mine.
     I'm actually very fond of all my female characters but after some consideration I think I like Ailuuya best. With some chatting and inspiration from Matty, who knows her female draenei, I've been working on a story for Ailuuya. One of the first things she pointed me at was this story: Unbroken, which brought tears to my eyes. After that and some googling about draenei RP Ailuuya's history started to shape itself in my head along with what I already knew of her personality from playing her.
     Here's a tiny snippet of Ailuuya's story:
            Kaaras' shield was heavy, with a weight that went beyond the solid heft of its magically imbued metal. Ailuuya rested it across her knees, stroking her palm over the crest that adorned it, fingers finding little divots and dents that enemy blades had left in surface. It was almost too heavy for her arms, which had never trained for its use. They ached with the memory of using it, but not half as much as her heart did looking at it.
            The hurt went far deeper than the her brother's loss, as deep as all the losses that had preceded it... and the ones that had followed in the crash that had left her so dizzy and shaken. There were so many tasks ahead that seemed monumental and an entire new world to explore and try to make her way in, but she simply sat, staring down at Kaaras' shield.
            A shadow dimmed the gleam of the metal and even before Tavras spoke and made her look up, she knew it was him.
"You don't have to carry it any more, you know." He seated himself beside her for a moment, not touching, not intruding, simply there. "You can go back to the priests..."

            And for a moment she ached to do so, to return to the familiar as though somehow it would put things back the way they had been before. But that couldn't happen. Tragedies could not be polished away like the divots in Kaaras' shield. Her fingers moved, tightened on the rim of it, starting to set it aside, but in the end she pulled it close instead. "I think I do have to carry it, Tavras." She said, offering him a tiny smile, as she pushed herself to her feet. "I think it's mine to carry now."

     And the best part of Ailuuya's story is that there is a lot more of it to come. I am very much looking forward to taking her through the portal to Draenor when the time comes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Favorite Race and One Expansion

Pre-Easter stuff has already made me slack on actually getting these posted.

Day 4: Favorite Race

     Blood Elves of course. Not just because male blood elves look epic in plate and plate's my favorite armor. Not even just because they're elves and I always love elves. Their lore is really neat to me, I like the concept of them as less than perfect elves. Sure they think they're perfect but they have decidedly wicked streaks occasionally. They're a little vicious. I like the fact that they're horde. I like they way they fit... or fail to fit in with the rest of the Horde races, I like the little stories that spawns in my head for my characters.
     I also love Night Elves. They're easily my favorite Alliance race, though I'm also very fond of draenei. Horde side trolls are easily my second favorite followed closely by the tauren. But I'm afraid that when it comes to the character creation screen... if it can be a Blood Elf or a Night Elf... well, it probably is.

Day 5: One Expansion
     I started playing so close to the end of Wrath of the Lich King that I might as well have started during Cataclysm. So if I were picking one expansion I've had experience with, my choices are really limited to two. If I could pick one expansion I -wish- I'd ended up playing at max level though, it would have been Wrath. Northrend is still one of my favorite parts of leveling and I really wish I'd been able to see a lot of it when it was end game.
    Also most of my friends played much more seriously then, so maybe we'd have been able to raid together. I'd have liked that. Of the two expansions I've played in: socially Cataclysm was better before so many of my friends quit the game, but as far as mechanics and gameplay I've enjoyed Mists a lot more. Still, Wrath's my choice for one expansion, though if  got a do-over I'd start playing WoW at the beginning and get to enjoy all of them when they were new.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Favorite Racial Leader (Horde)

This will surprise no one: Lor'themar Theron
     Might be slightly more surprising that even though I've loved the blood elves since I started playing Lor'themar would not have been my answer if I had written this in Cataclysm. Back then I'd have picked Vol'jin. I really didn't like Lor'themar that much back in Cataclysm. Since then I've had a chance to read the Leader Story for him and got a better understanding of who he really was. But more than that, we got to see a fair bit of him in Mists on the Horde Side (and even a little on Alliance side).
     He played a pivotal role in the Dominance Offensive Dailies in 5.1 and again on the Isle of Thunder and it's given me a much better feel for his character, enough that I can't help but love him.
     He's a man thrust into a role of leadership he never asked for or wanted and left with no real choice but to do his best to protect a people beset on all sides and already decimated by war. He will do whatever it takes to preserve what's left of his people regardless of what else he might have to betray. And he's still less crazy than Jaina.
    I'm glad he finally got some lore attention and had it done right so that I think people (like me) who'd been indifferent to him finally got a chance to see his character in action. For the Glory of Quel'thalas.
    Vol'jin's still my second favorite and was my first pick for Warchief so I'm ridiculously thrilled that's happened and can't wait to see how it will play out. I think he'll be a great Warchief, though it will be interesting to see if the fact that he's not an orc will end up causing friction down the line.

Postscript: In looking over my post for yesterday I couldn't help noticing that Genn's shorter than Tyl. All the other leader models are larger than life (and player characters) but Genn seems to just be ordinary human sized. I can't help wondering why that is.

Favorite Racial Leader (Alliance)

     Day Two of the 30 Days of WoW is about my favorite Alliance Racial Leader. This was a tough question. I had to put a lot of thought into it. I don't play Alliance side nearly as much as Horde so I didn't have a ready opinion. I was glad for the question though, because in a way it made me put some serious thought into the characters.
     I'd have liked to be able to say my favorite Alliance Racial Leader was Tyrande.
     She's the Night Elf after all and I love the concept of her, this strong female leader for the Night Elves, who is also a strategist and a military force. But for what little I've actually seen of her in action in game I don't feel like she lives up to the concept at all. It saddens me, though while thinking about it today I came up with a theory regarding the 'A Little Patience' Scenario that is my new head canon. 
     But Tyrande still doesn't get to be my favorite Alliance Leader. At least not until they give her more of a role that lives up to what she should be in game. Still I love the concept of her, so she's my second favorite.
     And though this is silly and a little off topic: I really hate her new hairstyle.
     But who is my favorite. I went through all of them and the little I know about them mostly what I've seen in game and I finally decided that it's Genn Greymane.
    Mostly because of what I saw of him in the Worgen starting area. He's a king without a kingdom currently, his people are all cursed and he's been through a lot. He's made some mistakes, but in general I think he's always been trying to do what he thought was best for his own people. Besides, Worgen are pretty neat. So Genn Greymane's my favorite Alliance Leader, though I can't think of any of the Alliance Leaders that I actively dislike the way I do with a few of the Horde Leaders.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WoW 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

     I've seen a few people doing this challenge from Meat-Vendor and it looked like so much fun! I thought I had sort of missed the party, but then noticed that everybody seems to be writing at their own schedule, so I've decided to go ahead. I'd like to challenge myself to blog every day for a while and a list of topics should make it easier. The 15th of April to the 15th of May seems nice and symmetrical.

Day 1: Alliance or Horde?

     Tai feels like I should let him answer this question. So he gets the screenshot for it.

     I do have maxed characters of both factions. Two Alliance side (will be three when I finish leveling the little paladin to 60 and scrounging up the money for a preorder to boost her.) and 9 Horde side. When I played WC3 I loved Night Elves the best and in WoW I can't help having a soft spot for them.
     I'm also very fond of the draenei, not only because they're lovely and an interesting race but because what lore there is about them is very intriguing.
     But if I'm honest with myself, when it comes down to it, I've got very strong Horde leanings.  This can be blamed partially on the real life friends who got me into the game and played Horde side, and partially on Blizzard. I was going to be an elf paladin and only one side has them. (I still don't understand why Night Elves can't have paladins of Elune.) Since then I've fallen in love with some of the Horde side lore and with my characters and their story in it and I don't know if I could ever truly switch factions. Probably not even if there were High Elf  and Night Elf paladins to play (though I would almost certainly have one of each.)
     So: For the Horde!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hunter pets and Old Ladies

I had never noticed this window before. It's so adorable!

     One of the things I love about the Old Ladies Raiding Guild (aside from the Old Ladies themselves. Seriously you are all amazing!) Is getting to take the time to notice stuff I hadn't on other runs before and having people who will share my enthusiasm. It is always fun. Even when we wiped a couple times it was really fun figuring it out and laughing about it.
     Oh how I enjoy those runs! Tyl got a bunch of achievements for 10-man Ulduar and a gorgeous new bow which is leading to some more time spent in Mogit. Probably a lot more time because male night elves are much harder to transmog than male blood elves.
     Tyl's Bloodstone also got to come out and get some exercise, though that first battle rez didn't end as well as it could have. And this got me thinking again as I have many times before about my hunters and their pets.
     I have a lot of hunter alts. I love the class almost as much as paladins and monks. I've got two at max level, Aug is survival and Horde and Tyl is Beast Mastery and Alliance. All of my characters have personalities, and the pets add a whole other dimension to that.
     Aug has a stable full of gorgeous pets, especially cats. He sort of collects them, he runs around with all of them from time to time but he does not have a favorite. Seriously, I keep trying to get him to settle on one and he just won't. They're all his friends and he's happy with that.
     Tyl, on the other hand, has Snowthorn. He's also got a stable of pets. He's got a stampede full of special Beast Mastery pets with him, each chosen for some utility or another. (Beast Mastery is the 'There's a pet for that' spec.) I try to get him to switch  them out. 'Let Hellshade out for a while, Tyl. He's got Ancient Hysteria' 'Run with Bloodstone for a while, Tyl, that battle rez will be handy.' 'Let some of the other pets see some love or action.' But unless he has to call out Dreadghost for water walking or switch over specifically for that Bloodlust or a Battle rez he's got Snowthorn. Always. He has other spirit beasts. But Snowthorn is his best friend.
      Snowthorn tanks things for him, she heals him as best she can, and generally eats the faces off of anything he asks. And I suspect that when I've logged off and left them on their own, she probably also sleeps on the foot of the bed and takes up far more room than she should, just like my real cats.
     And because he does, I love that bunch of pixels and AI almost as much as I love my real pets. That seems silly to me, but in a way Tyl's Snowthorn is as much a character to me as any of my others. And mainly for that reason, I think, Tyl's my favorite hunter. I also don't think I will ever tame Loque'nahak again, though most of my alt hunters are beast mastery and could. (Provided they could find it.) Because there's only one Snowthorn and I can't imagine Tyl without her or anybody else with her.