Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quick thoughts on the patch

     Well, he may have to entirely relearn how to do that monk healing thing, but at least he got this sweet bike?

     I've got mixed feelings about the patch, the way I probably would about just about any major patch really, but here's a quick rundown of the good and the bad or at least my perceptions of good and bad.

-Storage. So much more storage. Between the reagent tab, the toy box and a new tab of void storage Seish is looking at far more bag space than he's had in months and with a bit of juggling around later I can clear even more.

-The Chopper. It's a free mount. It sounds really good. Tai looks like a badass biker riding it. What's to complain about?

-New hunter pets. Went right out with Tyndellan and tamed a stag! He'll get a prettier one later but he needs more levels first. And there are hydras and all sorts of new beasts waiting in Draenor. That's thrilling.

-New things to do. Haven't tried the new 90 UBRS yet, but I've done the horde side quests a couple times (and plan to do them many more.)

Ability pruning. Some I'm okay with: Inquisition can stay gone, even if it's hard getting used to not putting it up. But I really miss a lot of the missing abilities. Serpent Sting for Beast Masters, Renew for priests. Guardian for my ret and holy paladins. I feel like they went a little overboard with the weeding in a few cases.

-The new group finder is terrible.

-New models. I love the new trolls, the new orcs, the new male tauren, the dwarves, the male humans. I'm okay with a few of the others. I'm pretty disappointed with the new male night elves and female draenei. And even the ones I like the changes are enough that it'll take some getting used to. Big changes. Tyl had to get a new face because his old okay one became terrible.
At least Snowthorn is still familiar.

-Stat Squish. It needed to happen without a doubt but it's still disconcerting to see numbers change so much and leaves me unable to tell if I'm doing my new rotation wrong now, or if I'm just squished. I have no frame of reference for the numbers. It also doesn't seem like some of the content is tuned quite right any more.

     Overall I think I'm still getting used to it and I've got a lot of getting used to it to do. At least there's a month to adjust.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Some general rambling

     My screenshotting mojo crapped out on me midway through September. My brain took a blogging sabbatical, though partly that's because I've been stewing over a post I want to make. This post is a bit of a catch up in the meantime. I've been playing, doing my raids which are so much fun and a bit with the Old Ladies too. Been playing some of the alts. Saelindir is 84 and Falsyr is level 70 as of today. That's two classes I don't have at 90 that are slowly making their way there.
     It seems Blizzard's made itself another stir: Does anybody read over these first? Which I think honestly bothers me less because of the sort of sexist way it comes across than because how could anybody read that and not think about how it might come across when they've already had people annoyed at them over the same thing several times this year?And about this time I had a very interesting encounter one evening in the Ghostlands.
     Leveling an alt with SprYte that evening just because we both wanted something quiet and relaxing to do.  Someone started chatting up the zone in general chat, saying hi and so I whispered them a hello back, started a little conversation because they seemed friendly enough. Bit of random chatting about RP and characters as SprYte and I leveled and somehow the subject of gender came up. Starting with the person (which intuition pegged as younger and female) telling me they assumed I was a guy(I was playing yet another male blood elf.) I replied with a simple. "You assume incorrectly."
     What followed was the first time I've ever actually had anyone react badly to me playing something other than my real life gender. I'm still a bit flummoxed.  She (I was right) told me that she hated people who played the wrong gender. She thought it was horrible. I was taken aback and asked why, assuming perhaps someone had lied to her in some way with it. But no, when I got an answer it was simply that she assumed everybody who played something other than their real life gender did so for and I quote: "Perverted reasons."
     I've written an entire post on why I prefer male characters for the most part and I don't really consider any of those reasons to be perverted. I don't consider any of my other female friends who play male characters to be perverted or any of my male friends who play female characters for that matter. I don't find people strange for playing only their real life gender either. The entire point of a fantasy game where you make your own character is to make the character that you want. The gender of our avatars is for gameplay purposes a 100% aesthetic choice. It might have other meaning for a player beyond that but as far as the game world is concerned it's all aesthetics. I like the option of playing whatever I want. I don't think I'd want to play a game where I was restricted to playing only my own gender. I like the freedom to make my characters whoever I want them to be.
     So I still can't help feeling taken aback by that hate over something that to me was largely a choice based on preferring that my armor look like armor. Then again I guess there are people who hate others for their choice of race too. Probably two strikes against me in that one because I'm unabashedly fond of my blood elves. I think the real point of this ramble is a question that bugs me every time something like sexism rears it's ugly head. And that is... will we ever as a people get over being stupid about how we treat each other?

*That other post I mentioned is still coming. It's also opinionated.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Too happy for words

     Of all the things I'd wanted to do this expansion that I thought I wouldn't be able to this was one of the biggest. It's my birthday tomorrow, which is kind of irrelevant, because none of the incredibly wonderful people that helped me get the achievement and the growly wolf mount that I desperately wanted knew that. But that makes this all the more awesome for me.
     I cried. And since I'm not actually the big tough male nelf that Tyl is I don't even have to pretend that they were manly tears of joy. And they weren't all because of the achievement and the mount, but mostly because of the people that helped me get it, and who have also been letting me try something that I've always wanted to try in WoW. Raiding.
     So thanks all of you: MattyShaman and Breige for introducing me to the wonderful group to run with in the first place and Hawt and Koor and everybody else in the raid for bringing most of the firepower. All I can really credit myself with was that I was still standing at the end.

September Screenshots

Day 12: Spring/Fall
It's always like a crisp fall day in Eversong

Day 13: Out of Place
One of these things doesn't seem to fit. Aug's not very good at blending with the natives.

Day 14: Healthy
An old screenshot of Tai from when the Vale was healthy.

Day 15: Remember
One of the very first screenshots I ever took. I remember how hard SprYte and I laughed over this debuff that turned Seish into a pocket sized paladin.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Screenshots and Alts... and screenshots of alts.

Day 10: Repetition
There's a lot of it in my alts. Yes this is another Night Elf hunter.

     Three blood elf paladins at 90 and I'll admit to a few more that aren't. I love them. And when it comes time for an alt to raid with and I finally decide on a hunter... after a lot of thought I realize that there just isn't any Alliance side hunter for me but Night Elf. I just like what I like. This is Tyndellan. I designed him first in beta so I am as happy with his new model appearance as I can possibly be. (There's still stuff I really wish could change but I should be able to live with him. Hair may be subject to change, possibly frequently.)
     I still wish he was going to have eyebrows, and that he'd smile once in a while. But aside from his silly beta armor I think he's alright.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Screenshot Spam

Day 6: I need...
More room in void storage.

Day 7: Father
Poor Dezco.

Day 8: Broken
Not just the wall.

Day 9: Orange
Blasted Lands